How to obtain your immersion certification?
1. Students who accumulate 3 Immersions practices
2. 30-hours of basic classes via live online classes or purchase of recordings
3. 8 hours of private classes (one-on-one teaching online). Email [email protected] to get a private class with Victor Chng
4. Lectures on Yin Yoga 
    - 7 common mistaken views on Yin Yoga
    - Historical Connection between Yoga from China & India
    - The Three Principles and Functions of Yin Yoga
Anyone who qualifies for immersion certification may apply to [email protected] via email. Let us know that you would like to get a certification of completion on Yin Yoga Immersion.
Please provide :
1. Name to appear in the Certificate
2. Date of Completion
The completion of Yin Yoga Immersion allows the students to be qualified for Yin Yoga Teacher Training in the future.