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Five Sessions Basic Immersion (3 - 7 June; 3 pm - 4.30 pm; 90 mins)

3 June - 7 June
3pm - 4.30pm (90 mins)
We have extended our class to 90 mins to bring you more value
This is a Basic Immersion that helps you integrate all the last 3 zoom meeting practices. You will get a more integrated practice to deepen your foundation with addition poses into the sequence for the next level.
The goal is to help you understand how each of the last zoom meeting can be combined and bring about variations in the practice, so that you are confident to make creative design for your practice sequence. 
The Immersion helps both practitioners and students to understand more about the flexibility on sequencing and the logic behind.
In summary:
First Zoom Meeting : Feet & Ankle
Second Zoom Meeting : Feet & Pelvis
Third Zoom Meeting : Pelvis & Lower Back
We can see the logical link targeting at various parts of the body from the ground up to develop our own practice. Basic is the foundation and it is critical that we develop the "Ground" for opening the body as we move above the pelvis.
This is a Principled Approach Practice on Yin Yoga that is developed based on ancient China's energy movement such as Qigong and Taiji. If you like to see how the sequence e developed, stay tune on the MAT with us.
All 5 zoom sessions (FREE Q&A ON 7 JUNE; 4.30 PM - 5.30 PM)
Usual Price : $100
Early bird : $90 (by 1 June 2020)
Individual Session
$10 discount for all individual sessions selected (by 1 Jun 2020 2359)


Event Date 03-Jun-2020
Event End Date 07-Jun-2020
Cut off date 07-Jun-2020
Location Zoom

Yoga Teaching Reset by Dinah Salonga (6 June 2020; 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm)


Join Dinah Salonga, former IT entrepreneur and mind-body wellness advocate and teacher as she guides you through this difficult time. Dinah has over 30 years experience in the IT industry. She co-founded YogaPlus in the Philippines in 2011.  They were operating 3 yoga studios in the Philippines before Covid-19. With the lockdown forcing the studios to close, they shifted to the YogaPlus virtual studio within a month to continue to engage their community. 
The recent COVID pandemic posed a big challenge to yoga teachers. The prediction is more yoga studios will close by the time the lockdown is over and yoga teachers will not have studios to teach anymore. Even if the studio continues its operation, given the social distancing measures, studios will be operating below its capacity. NO TEACHER WILL AGAIN TEACH A BIG CLASS in the foreseeable future. At this moment many teachers are giving free classes over FB and YouTube Live classes hoping that everything is going to go back to normal when this is over. BUT WE DON'T THINK SO.
This session will offer you a different perspective on what will be the coming changes in the yoga business industry from operators' and teachers' perspectives. It will prepare you to move into the digital world. Wether you are operating a studio or moving to teach online, it will be important for you to attend to find out more about your own mindset and how this is affecting your ability to move forward. 
Teaching yoga is probably one of the best skills you can have during this time. People need more well-being & to keep themselves healthy. So take on your skill and explore the opportunities in the digital world with us.
Key Highlights:
What’s getting in the way of you teaching online?
What are you afraid of? 
What do you need to be able to teach online?
What can you do and what do you need to be able to offer value to your existing clients?
How can you find new clients online?


Event Date 06-Jun-2020
Event End Date 06-Jun-2020
Cut off date 06-Jun-2020
Individual Price Usual Price : $45 / Early Bird : $35 (by 1 June 2020 2359 hours)
Location Zoom

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Online Training Videos

Want to review some class content? Rent one of the videos below to find specialised content about your topic of choice.
Shot in front of a live audience, these videos feature Victor speaking to an expert on a variety of topics. Find tips on improving your yin yoga practice or see poses you can do in the comfort of your own home. 
Once you purchase the video through Gumroad, you will be able to stream the videos within the platform at your convenience. Happy viewing!
We will reserve the right to update the videos at our discretion.
Yin Yoga for Digestion and Nutrition

How should we eat to maintain good health? Besides looking at the nutrition value of food, it is the idea of a life-force diet. This is a way of eating to feed the body with food that are bio-active. In this workshop, we will discuss the Yin & Yang of food, how to bring more nutrition to our diet and how we can have a keen eye to choose food that has more life-force in them.
Jointly facilitated by Mr Wong Kee Yew, our nutrition advisor from The Veg School and Mr Victor Chng, Yin Yoga teacher, join us in learning more about this fascinating topic.


About Victor Chng

Victor first encountered yoga while working and found it a good way of relieving stress. He decided to deepen his yoga practice by exploring Chinese Mahayana Buddhism under a Yogacara master.

Finding that he enjoyed yoga, Victor consulted a yoga guru to deepen his knowledge of yoga through teaching training courses and workshops. Victor devoted four years between 2000-2004 to study various styles of yoga. He also went to India to meet students of Krishnamarchya in Chennai to study yoga philosophy and classical vinyasa.

The turning point in Victor’s yoga practice was when he met Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga, at an Anatomy for Yoga class in 2002. Intrigued by the practice of Yin Yoga, Victor began teaching Yin Yoga in 2006. He went to further deepen his study at residential training programs in San Francisco in 2007 and 2009 and committed to teach Yin Yoga around the world.

His teaching today is inspired by ancient Chinese philosophies such as The Yellow Emperor Sutra, I-Chng and Lao-Tzu and is a fusion of classical Indian dance, Taiji, Chi-gung and martial arts. By stimulating the meridian energy lines in the body, this fusion of movements go beyond the muscular-skeletal level to cultivate energy instead of depleting the body.

Victor’s teaching adheres to the three foundational principles of Yin Yoga
(1) Grounding
(2) Holding
(3) Relaxation

You may contact Victor at [email protected].