Master Classes will be appropriate for students who have been practising Yin Yoga and would like to take the next level of challenge. It iwill involved deep hips and back opening to create internal space for the joints and spine. The practice will be progressive throughout the full 5 days and students are encourage to participate the full course to get maximum benefit from the practice. 

Morning practice will involved joints release of the hips and back and afternoon practice will be meridian focus. Meridian practice which is rarely taught will be introduced at basic level for students who may like a deeper practice. Taoist Six Healing Sound will also be progressive introduce and employed in the afternoon for strengthen internal organs after meridian opening sequence.

The course is designed for students who may like to experience a deep practice which include self-healing modalities. Lectures on Chinese Medicine and Taoist principles will also be given to widen students idea on the nature of Yin practice. Sign-up now to create the CHANGE in your life.

Yin Yoga Master Classes - FULL PACKAGE
Regular Rate : Php 28,900.00

Yin Yoga Master Classes - PER CLASS
Regular Rate : Php 3,500.00
Event Date 19-Nov-2018
Event End Date 23-Nov-2018
Yoga Plus, Makati, Philippines
Tordesillas 1200 Makati
Yoga Plus, Makati, Philippines
Pre-requisite for Training: This training is only available to those who have taken full 5-day Yin Yoga Immersion.

Yin Yoga Teacher raining (Basic) is based on traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Teachings. It is a whole new approach which blends traditional movement from China's Qigong, Taiji and various martial arts with traditional yoga asanas. Its philosophy is based on Taoist Yin Yang principles and Taoist Alchemy. This is a principled approach practice that enable the body to gain space by releasing deep fascia in the body. 

The practice view the lower body as the main power for transformation. Various names had been given to the pelvis region by various cultures. Dan Tien (by Chinses); Hara ( Japanese); Kunda (by Indiian). The expression of this power is via the legs. Therefore, Yin Yoga begins its practice with the feet.

Victor is one the first Asian teacher who first taught Yin Yoga in Asia. He was first inspired by Paul Grilley with this practice and later begin to explore this practice via Taoist, Buddhist and Confucius philosophies with ancient Chinese movement exercises (e.g. Qigong, Taiji and Martial Arts). He believes in yoga as a technology for self-transformation and wishes to share what he had experienced in his journey.

Price: SGD 1280

December 6 – December 11
8am to 5pm (Daily)

Contact Teng at [email protected]
Event Date 06-Dec-2018
Event End Date 11-Dec-2018
Individual Price SGD1280
Kampung Senang轻安村, Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent #01-205, Singapore 380106
Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent #01-205, Singapore 380106
Kampung Senang轻安村, Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent #01-205, Singapore 380106
SGD1,280.00 18
To register for this event; please contact Teng Lan : [email protected]

- Understanding Circulation of Qi in the practice

The Yin Yoga Meridian Practice goes through different stages for the preparation of high energy work such as Pranayama and Visualisation on Energy Circulation in the body. In this master class, you will be introduced of the Meridian body based on Tradiional Daoist View on Internal Alchemy. The key is to cultivate a practice to go into higher energy work in preparation for Meditation to happen naturally. The Inner Alchemy work in 4 stages:
1. The Cultivation of Jing (Life Essences)
2. Transmuting Jing into Qi (Energy or Prana)
3. Transmuting Qi in Shen (Consciousness)
4. Transforming Shen in Emptiness

Key Highlights:
1. Understanding Major Meridians in the Body
2. Key Qi Life-cycle in different phases of life
3. Introduction to Five Energy Transformation
4. Yin Yoga Meridian Practice with Daoist Six Healing Sounds

Contact : Teng Lan at [email protected]

One Day : SGD 250
Full Course : SGD 780

December 12 – December 15
8am to 4pm (Daily)

Contact Teng at [email protected]
Event Date 12-Dec-2018
Event End Date 15-Dec-2018
Individual Price (SGD) One Day : SGD 250
Full Course : SGD 780
JR Fitness 1 Coleman Street, #B1-19, The Adelphi Singapore 179803 (Cityhall MRT, Exit B)
JR Fitness 1 Coleman Street, #B1-19, The Adelphi Singapore 179803 (Cityhall MRT, Exit B)
JR Fitness 1 Coleman Street, #B1-19, The Adelphi Singapore 179803 (Cityhall MRT, Exit B)
Contact Yammie Wong at [email protected]

Note : This programme needs student to at least have Basic Certification in order to attend. Special approval will be required.

This retreat will enable us to once again meet to improve on our practice and knowledge on human evolution. I have added Qigong and Taoist Six Healing Sound practice into Yin Yoga practice. Also my teacher Evelyn Lee will be joining us to refine our understanding on Qigong.


We have engaged two experts to join us in this programme:

Dr Surapol (ANTI-AGING Expert)
Dr Surapol Natakankitul, a professor at Chiang Mai University. He will speak to us on what he has discovery through his research on preventing aging in human from Western Science.

DAOYIN, QIgong Expert
Ms Evelyn Lee, founder of Fitness Network Singapore. She has been practicing Dao Yin Yang Sheng Qi Gong since 1998. A disciple of Professoe Zhang Guang De and attained seventh grade proficiency from Beijing Sports University. Her other mentor is Master Xia Ming Hua who is a direct disciple of Ba Gua Master Lu Zi Jian; who lived till 118 years. Five years ago, Evelyn continue her studied at Wu Dang (Taoist Holy Mountain, where Taiji was first formed) Health and Martial Arts. Evelyn is also proficient in weapon trainings i.e. Fan, sword, Spear…etc. Gong.


* Price include arrival night on 18 Jan without meals
NOTE : Two meals will be provided daily. No dinner

RETREAT DATES : 19 - 26 JAN 2019
Jan 19, 2019 at 6:30 AM to Jan 26, 2019 at 12:30 PM UTC+07

Pricing for Twin-sharing : SGD 1650

Pricing for Single : SGD 1850
++Note  : Strictly For Qualified Teachers Only. Spouse or partner ARE NOT ALLOWED in this retreat.

Contact Yammie Wong at [email protected]
Event Date 19-Jan-2019
Event End Date 26-Jan-2019
Kaomai Lanna Resort
1 Moo 6 Chiangmai-Hod Rd.(Km.29) Baan-glang Sanpatong Chiangmai 50120 Thailand Ban Chang Fuak, Nam Bo Luang, San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai 50120, Thailand
Kaomai Lanna Resort
Yin Yoga Immersion is a course for all beginners who would like to know how to practice yin yoga step-by-step. It will provide a hands-on guide to students who like to bring home the basic practice. 

Daily class include a short discussion on the principles of Yin Yoga, hands-on guide and adjustment on basic poses and a daily progressive sequence to meet beginner's needs.

Some of the Highlight Poses (not a complete list ):
1. Needle
2. Tortoise
3. Wide Knee Child
4. Frog
5. Basic Squat
6. Horse Squat
7. Warrior Squat
8. Buddha Rest
9. Bridge
10. Square

Yin Yoga is a form of yoga based on ancient Chinese Yin-Yang Theory, Chinese Medicine, Qi-gong and Tai-ji. The poses aim to enhance the opening of the joints and circulation of blood downwards towards the pelvis and down to the feet. The downward movement ensures healthy functions of our digestion, detoxification and sleep.

If you are keen to know more, join us in this immersion.

Usual Price: SGD 580
Early Bird: SGD 525 (by 31 Jan 2019)

Contact : Teng Lan @ [email protected]
Event Date 13-Mar-2019
Event End Date 18-Mar-2019
Individual Price Early Bird: SGD 525 (by 31 Jan 2019)
Usual Price: SGD 580
Yin Yoga Meridian is our level two practice which is more intense and requires more work of the upper body. Movement of the arms lifts the Yang and actions of the legs enhance Yin by pulling the energy down to the feet. In this practice, you will be introduced a qi-gong based Yin Yoga practice which is uniquely sequenced to allow one to feel Qi circulation throughout the body.

Some of the highlight poses include (not a complete list):

1. 10-steps Qi opening movement
2. Palm guided energy circulation movement
3. Taoist Six Healing Sounds
4. Standing alignment for energy grounding
5. Dragonfly
7. Half Butterfly
8. Square
9. Caterpillar
10. Snail

This is open to all levels of students. If you are keen to know more, please join us in this workshop.

Daily: SGD 180
Full Workshop: SGD 450

Contact: Teng Lan @ [email protected]
Event Date 18-Mar-2019
Event End Date 20-Mar-2019
Important: This yin yoga retreat requires a minimum amount of guests. Book your place but wait with booking flights until we send the final confirmation

A Yin Yoga Retreat is a time for intensifying one's learning and experience the practice at a deeper level. Yin Yoga is a Taoist inspired yoga which combines Taoist teaching with traditional Hatha Yoga. In this retreat, you will be guided systematically from basic to more advanced Yin poses daily. In addition, there will be lectures on yogic philosophies based on Taoist Teachings in comparison to Hatha Yoga theory. Most afternoons will be meridian practice and Taoist Six Healing Sounds Meditation. There will be ample free time for reading and self exploration around the island.

NOTE: The retreat is open to anyone who are familiar with Yin Yoga practice with at least one year practice experience.


  • Yin yoga with Victor Chng
  • Super delicious and healthy food made by Marie Klee
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Personal and friendly service
  • Nice evenings by the pool
  • Winding down and experience the endless summer nights
Event Date 22-May-2019
Event End Date 29-May-2019
Kos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece
Kos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece
Kos, Dhodhekanisos, Greece