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Preparation for Meridian Master Class

This is an important workshop for anyone who would like to know more about the meridian and how to get deep fascia release before cultivating the meridian work.

Meridians are found along the fascia sheets and fascia tension will cause stagnation of Qi in the body. According to Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory and Ayuverda Marmar System, both claims specific energetic pathways that need to be unblocked in order for the Qi to flow to the tail end (or extremities of the body).

In this workshop, we will explore all the major positions that will help to unblock the main Qi junction and promote good blood flow. 

Some of the highlights include:
1. Rocking See Saw
2. Various Squats with Qigong
3. Arm Releasing QIgong
4. Dragonfly
5. Butterfly
6. Square
7. Taoist Six Healing Sound

Space is very limited. Register Early.

Daily: SGD 180
Full Workshop: SGD 300

Contact: Teng Lan; [email protected]

Event Properties

Event Date 16-Jun-2019
Event End Date 17-Jun-2019