Yin Yoga Meridian Main Practice (1 - 5 July 2020) & Yin Yoga Lecture (Understanding the Energy body based on Daoist View) (4 July; 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm)-Organised by Yin Yoga in Asia



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Yin Yoga Meridian Main Practice (1 - 5 July 2020) & Yin Yoga Lecture (Understanding the Energy body based on Daoist View) (4 July; 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm)

1 - 5 July
2.3pm - 4.00pm
Yin Yoga Meridian Main Practice
This is a practice based on ancient China's energy movement such as Qigong and Taiji. The fundamental principles of any energy movement is proper breathing and relaxation of the body. In this practice, we will build the practice based on the meridian opening sequence to come into the main practice where fundamental poses that activate higher circulation and stronger grounding of the qi. Upward movement of Qi (known as prana vayu in Ayurveda) is controlled by the arms and shoulder movement. 

Therefore, deeper work on the upper body is required to activate the lungs, heart and pericardium meridians. The awakening or spring-board of upward movement lies in the side body, known as Shao Yang. This requires work along the lateral line of fascia connection and involves poses that activate the side body. This main practice is to consolidate the energy that first created the circulation of qi (in the opening sequence). The poses will require a longer amount of time in each. Therefore, the nature of this work is more quieting and stillness. The demand from breathing is also higher for longer holding of poses. The series will close with major forward bends for deep consolidation of energy.
4 July (Sat)
1.30pm - 2.30pm

Yin Yoga Lecture - Understanding the Energy body based on Daoist View

Ancient Chinese Yogis; Daoist Master; has a view that life is supported by Jing, Qi & Shen (known as Three Treasures). It is a combination of both physical material and consciousness. Sometimes, we also simply divide the Three Treasures into Xing & Ming. Xing is our true nature and it deals with our primordial mind that is not tainted by post nature thoughts. Ming depicts our body that has come into being and taken the flow of life events due to our contact with our environment and people around us. Ming is a fatalistic view on life. You can even compare this with the concept of Karma in Indian philosophy.  
This movement of life lies in the expression of our body, but it is the qi that propels the expression of life. Therefore, the fear of death is always in us because that stops the expression of ourselves. What we fail to understand is, we are not limited by the body and the body is not our limitation. The body and organs are houses of our energies. It is the Qi that provides the ability for the body to move. Having a body does not mean one can express anything. For example, a death body has a body and organs within...what can that body do?
There are various systems of meridians that we need to understand in order to work the energy body. In general, the 12-Meridian System is an application for treatment of diseases and 8-Meridian System is for internal cultivation of energy. Therefore, we need to know the differences and connection between the two in order for us to manipulate into our meridians. In this lecture, I will be giving you a map on the Daoist energy channels residing within and their significance on removing diseases, improving breathing capacity and stillness of the mind. I will also compare the views between Daoist energy body and Kundalini view in Tantra, to provide you with a deeper appreciation between the two systems of practices. This lecture is important for anyone who would like to go deep into their own cultivation to achieve high experience of yoga.
All 5 sessions & Lecture (1 - 5 July; 3pm - 4.30pm) (include FREE Q & A on 5 July; 4.30pm - 5.30pm)
Usual Price: $130
Early Bird: $110 (by 29 June 2359hrs)
All 5 sessions (include FREE Q & A on 5 July; 4.30pm - 5.30pm)
Usual Price $100
Early Bird $90 (by 29 June 2359 hrs)
Individual daily session (3pm - 4.30pm) / Lecture (4 July; 1.30pm - 3pm)
Usual: Price $30 
Early Bird: $20 (by 29 June 2359hrs)


Event Date 01-Jul-2020
Event End Date 05-Jul-2020
Cut off date 05-Jul-2020
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