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Introduction to Yin Yoga Workshop 01-Apr-2020
Yoga Philosophy: Of asanas, mudras, prana, Qi and nadis 04-Apr-2020
Yin Yoga Immersion (Singapore) (April) 08-Apr-2020
Copenhagen // Yin yoga Immersion with Victor Chng 19-Apr-2020
Yoga & Diet for a Disease-Free Body with Victor Chng 24-Apr-2020
Yin Yoga with Victor Chng 01-May-2020
Yin Yoga Workshop for Strong & Healthy Body 09-May-2020
Yin Yoga Retreat in Bhutan 2020 28-May-2020
Yin Yoga Immersion (Singapore) (July) 26-Jul-2020
Introduction to Meridian Practice 31-Jul-2020
Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Level One) 22-Nov-2020