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Event Event Date Register
Yin Yoga Retreat (Greece) 23-May-2019
Yin Yoga Basic Immersion course with Victor Chng in Thailand 05-Jun-2019
Free Yoga Preview Class 16-Jun-2019
Being with the Feet 20-Jun-2019
Hips & Forward Bends 20-Jun-2019
Increase Hips and Lower Back Movement 21-Jun-2019
Introduction to the Meridian Body 21-Jun-2019
Releasing in Neck & Shoulder 22-Jun-2019
Energy, Sound & Meditation 22-Jun-2019
Yin Yoga Master Classes (in Japanese) 30-Jun-2019
Yin Yoga Immersion with Victor Chng 10-Aug-2019
Yin Yoga Basic Immersion 06-Dec-2019
Yin Yoga Meridian Immersion 11-Dec-2019
Yin Yoga International Teachers' Retreat 14-Jan-2020
Yin Yoga Retreat in Bhutan 2020 28-May-2020