Yoga & Diet for a Disease-Free Body with Victor Chng

Date: 27 January 2020
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Early Bird: SGD 90 per person (by 31 Dec 2019)
Regular Price: SGD 120 per person
Door Gift: $20 VitaJuwel Voucher (high energy crystal water holder)
Begin the New Year by learning how to optimise your health with an energy-based movement practice, especially when combined with a powerful plant-based diet.
One of the fundamental reasons why we do yoga is to help us avoid any potential of developing a terminal disease. According to Chinese Medicine, the strength of the body lies in the organs (mainly Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, and Kidneys). Hence, in order to strengthen the body, we need to develop life-force in our organs, and this goes philosophy goes beyond just building muscles and bones. Chinese called this invisible"Life-force"; Qi (氣). 
In this workshop, we will discuss how:
✔️Chinese Medicine views the body, 
✔️Theory of the Five Transformations (五行) 
✔️ Principles of Yin Yoga. 
Who is this workshop for? 
This is a general workshop suitable for all beginners of yoga. 
We will also be going through a general Yin Yoga sequence and finish with the Taoist Six Healing Sounds in preparation for Meditation.  
Join us to find out more about optimising your health. Mats are limited, so be quick!
About Victor Chng
Victor is one of the first Yin Yoga teachers in Asia and studied Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley in 2002. As he began to share Yin with people all over the world, Victor developed his own practice of Yin Yoga, which incorporates Qi-gong, Tai-ji and other forms of energy-based movement. He is well versed in Indian Antiquity Philosophies, Buddhist Mahayana & Vajrayana Philosophies as well as Taoist Alchemy. He is able to bridge a wide-range of ancient Indian and Chinese philosophies to adapt them to modern times. Victor believes story-telling as a powerful way to transform his students. Ancient masters kept things simple through story-telling, to keep ancient traditions alive in modern times. Victor shares his experiences generously to anyone who has an opportunity to attend his teaching. May all beings be guided by the light within.

Event Properties

Event Date 27-Jan-2020
Event End Date 27-Jan-2020
Individual Price Early Bird : SGD 90 (by 31 Dec 2019), Daily Price : $120
Location Full Circle SG