Free Talk: The Origins of Hatha Yoga

The term ‘Hatha yoga’ has been loosely used as a label for all forms of yoga that involves movement. in contrast, ‘Raja Yoga’ or sometimes called classical yoga refers to any practice more focused on pranayama and meditation. Research has shown that Hatha Yoga comes from various teachings which includes Sankhya, Mahayana Buddhism, Tantra and austerity practices known as Tapas by yogis in the past. Yogis in India are also divided into Householders and Sanyasi (those who leave home).

Therefore, the discussion we will be having is around Hatha Yoga’s origins – who first brought the practice into light and how it was practised throughout the years. We will also look at the philosophies that led to the rise of Hatha Yoga. This discussion will ultimately help us to understand deeper the way the practice is designed and what needs to be done individually to cultivate a more complete yoga practice.

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Event Date 09-Nov-2019
Event End Date 09-Nov-2019
Kate Porter Yoga @ River Valley
468 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248353
Kate Porter Yoga @ River Valley