Meridian Immersion

Note: You need to have completed the full course at least once to qualify for meridian teacher training.

Meridian Practice is uniquely developed by Victor from his understanding from Traditional Hatha Yoga, Chinese Meridian Theory, Ayurveda Marmar System to promote the dynamic of Qi flow.

This is a more refined practice which requires the feel of Qi flow in the body. The three Yin pillars are Grounding, Holding and Relaxation. It is the last pillar which is most difficult when the body moves. Qi works through the fascia system in the body and the temperature also changes from hot at the top to cold below. This is known as Yang Qi and Yin Qi. As the Yang arise it is mix with the blood to move the Qi with the blood back down to complete a whole new flush of fresh Qi into the whole system. As it moves down, it turns cold when it moves further and further away from its centre. The cold becomes Yin Qi which consolidates and bring waste to its proper places waiting to be expelled. If this is kept in balance, then everything will work well. However, when Yang is weak to move the blood and continues to stay at the hot, while the cold accumulates below. The body becomes a breeding ground for diseases. 

In this workshop, we will discuss on how to prevent diseases, self-healing, rejuvenation and anti-aging.

Price :
Full Workshop: SGD 650
Early Bird (30 Apr 2019): SGD 580

Contact: Teng Lan; [email protected]

Event Properties

Event Date 18-Jun-2019
Event End Date 22-Jun-2019
Individual Price Early Bird: SGD 580 (by 30 Apr 2019) Usual Price: SGD 650