Yoga Philosophy: Of asanas, mudras, prana, Qi and nadis

Yoga asanas (poses) are an energetic seal that creates an energy void to hold and contain prana or Qi (energy) in the body. This practice is especially emphasised by Hatha Yogi masters. They are known as mudras of the body. Applying a mudra means to seal or enclose something.

In the same light, the Chinese form of yoga is looking at the circulation of energy and containing it within the lower abdomen space called the ‘dan tian’. We will look at the relationship between Chinese Meridian Theory which has developed a comprehensive view based on 14 channels in the body and compare it with the Indian view on Nadis, Chakras and Mudras.

This lecture will be suitable for anyone who would like to have a deeper dimension of yoga and who are practising energy-based yoga. After this talk, you will gain a good understanding on how you can integrate energy-based yoga in your practice.

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Event Date 04-Apr-2020
Event End Date 04-Apr-2020
Kate Porter Yoga (KPY) - 5000G Marine Parade Road
5000G Marine Parade Road, 01-27 Laguna Park, Singapore 449290
Kate Porter Yoga (KPY) - 5000G Marine Parade Road