Energy, Sound & Meditation

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Introduction to the Meridian Body
Hatha Yoga introduce the idea that Samadhi can be achieved by first working on the body and manipulation of energy. It is then important for us to understand the relationships between Body, Qi and Mind. In yoga, the body has multiple layers and Qi is one of the layers known as the Pranamaya Kosha. It is here that dwells energy pathways known as Nadis. Chinese named the same concept in terms of Meridians. In this workshop, you will be introduced of how to get into the meridians and what is most important to get the meridians to flow. When energy becomes free, it can settle naturally within itself to allow our mind to be calm and still. Meditation happens naturally. Experience the freedom of movement and energy in this workshop.

Energy, Sound & Meditation
Every matter in this world is vibrating at a certain frequency and therefore produces sound. It is important for anyone who is keen on meditation to understand the concept of sound and how it vibrates within the body to bring grounding of the energy. When energy can ground and rest in its own place, the mind begins to gather its power of concentration effortlessly. Therefore, Meditation is not about doing something, it is allowing oneself to abide within its own nature. To help us understand more of our inner sounds, you will be introduced of the Six Healing Sounds in ancient Taoist practice. You will be led from physical movement to meditation in stages to help you to abide within.

About Victor Chng
Victor has been teaching yoga for the past 16 years. He is an expert on Yin Yoga and combines Meridian Theory, Qi-gong and Taiji into his movement. Victor takes inspiration from Taoist, Buddhist and Yogic traditions to guide his search on spiritual realisation. He travels widely in both Asia and Europe to share knowledge and passion on yoga.

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Event Date 22-Jun-2019
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Kate Porter Yoga (KPY) - 5000G Marine Parade Road
5000G Marine Parade Road, 01-27 Laguna Park, Singapore 449290
Kate Porter Yoga (KPY) - 5000G Marine Parade Road
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